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Sunday January 26th 2020

I had the pleasure to sub Marko for another concert with Quartzite at Jazzx Pletterij in Haarlem. They made a live stream with a really nice quality, big up to them.

Music Through the Walls – #MTTW

Posing “with instrument” : – hey can I have this lid there, just a minute… – sure!”


GT Thomas – I’m a highlighter pen

For a few years now I’ve had the joy to collaborate with Gwen and of course said yes when she asked if I could record a vibraphone part for her project: composing and producing one song every 3-4 days, for one month. In the mean time we’ve recorded more parts and it became a whole of a great dream-pop album.
You can listen to it on many of your usual platforms
Plenty of cool G.T. Thomas​ artwork on her website, where you can even purchase the album, with a real highlighter pen inside!

Music video with her magic avatar!

More about all these highlighter pen stuff on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/B3uItYNBqjn
➡️ gtthomas.com ⬅️

Full album on Youtube

Virtual Ensemble

Here we go with three collaborations with the Virtual Ensemble:

Farewell LullabyKaori Neus is dedicated to a beloved man who recently passed away. When I was filled with gloom, he embraced and welcomed me, and he introduced me to many beautiful people. Thank you for your love and your wisdom.
Happy Birthday T.Y.S. Lama Gangchen Rinponche ♥️
Music brings people together and communicates directly to the heart. Many thanks to the friends who made this video possible:
Julien Moussiegt – Vibraphone
Maria Martpay – Vibraphone
Marko Jugovic – Vibraphone
Antoon Verwer – Voice of sounds
Kaori Neus invited me to write a miniature for the Virtual Ensemble. The idea of the project is to use music to bring people together and the other way around during these bizarre times. It was a nice excuse to re-connect with old friends and colleagues and to meet new ones too. Big thanks for their music to: Burcu Ramazanoğlu Ola KwiatkowskaMayuko TakedaMarta GonzálezMarta Fitzsimmons Carnero , Chema Martinez Martinez @Lola Navas, William Hayter and Julien Moussiegt

Parnashawari by Kaori Neus
This piece is dedicated to the people who is infected by the COVID-19. #staystrong Under any situation, music will still there, connecting people and providing us our emotional needs. Music brings people together. Many thanks to the lovely people who made this video possible: Alexandre May – dancer Julien Moussiegt – Vibraphone Maria Martpay – Vibraphone Beatrice Milanese – Voice